Guide to white Christian rappers: TobyMac, Manafest, KJ-52 and John Reuben

Are We There Yet? (John Reuben album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

White Christian rappers

“Christian rap” or “Holy Hip Hop,” even after years of the powers-that-be trying to make it a commercial success, is still a minor blip on the overall music scene. The most famous and commercially viable Christian rapper is TobyMac, a white guy who is almost 50-years-old. TobyMac combines hard rock, lite pop and hip-hop/rap and is still a viable Christian music festival headliner.

Here’s a sample of what TobyMac sounds like:

Meanwhile, there are three other white Christian rappers who made a name for themselves during the past decade.

Manafest, born Chris Greenwood, is currently 33-years-old. The artist/skateboarder, from Ontario, Canada, had a charting hit with “Avalanche” in 2010, and released an album called “Fighter” in April 2012.

Here Manafest talks about God and life:

John Reuben, also 33-years-old, was pretty active throughout 2010, but since then he hasn’t updated his website and it looks like not much is going on for him, musically.

Here’s a video of John Reuben as a kid:

And here’s a video of him in 2006:

KJ-52 is 37-years-old this year, and recently released a hip-hop/pop CD called “Dangerous” in April 2012.

Here’s KJ-52’s most famous song, “Dear Slim,” directed toward Eminem:

Are there any white Christian rappers under 30 who we should know about? Leave comments.

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5 thoughts on “Guide to white Christian rappers: TobyMac, Manafest, KJ-52 and John Reuben”

  1. there are much more, but I guess they are still really not as successful as the three mentioned. However, lyrically, their message about Jesus are more bold.

    – Andy Mineo :

    -Dillon Chase:

    -The Rep:

    Those are just those on top of my head right now.

  2. NFFFFFFFFFFF come on guys, prolly the best new white Christian rapper. I wouldn’t call Tobymac rap though. Maybe in past times… he’s very pop-y now, tho.

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