Canada’s Jeannette Petkau releases Unshakable

Fans of Twila Paris, Natalie Grant, and other female Christian singers will appreciate Canada’s Jeannette Petkau. Her pleasant, crisp vocal delivery will especially resonate with middle-aged women trying to follow Christ. Petkau’s new release, “Unshakable,” from Creative Soul Records, has a tinge of smooth jazz to its upbeat pop songs about faith in God.

“I’ve been through a lot,” says Petkau. “But, my faith has always been the rock that I have held to. This whole album is meant to strengthen and bolster Christians and seekers alike who deal with troubled times, and need something to hold onto in stormy times.”

For more information on Jeannette Petkau and to hear samples from her new release “Unshakable,” visit her good looking website at

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