Newsboys do well with We Believe

Newsboys in 2014
Newsboys in 2014

Four-time GRAMMY®-nominated band Newsboys celebrated a career defining moment this week, picking up 64 adds at Christian radio for their single “We Believe” off of Restart. This is the biggest add week ever in the band’s history, who already boast an impressive track record with 16 albums, five RIAA Gold certifications, 30 No. 1 radio hits and over 8 million units sold over their multi-decade career, including nearly 1 million records since Michael Tait joined the band. This strong radio exposure also led to a major spike in digital track sales for the single, which is featured on the Restart album, the band’s third studio album with Tait as lead.

“We are beyond excited to see radio’s enthusiasm with our new single,” remarked Tait. “This song is a testament and a definite creed for what we as Christians believe; Our hope and eternal salvation! There is nothing more igniting than to watch from our stage nightly, as listeners hold fast to these beliefs along with their families and friends!”

As the Newsboys wind down the final dates of their headlining slot on the internationally top-ranked Winter Jam 2014 Tour spectacular, the band is now gearing up for their headlining “We Believe Tour,” which will hit select cities this April and May. Keeping to tradition for the tour heavy veterans, the Newsboys will hit several music festivals and international dates over the summer. For more information and tickets, visit

Fuzed Worship releases By Your Blood

Fuzed Worship, a progressive worship band formed out of Joyce Meyer Ministries to unite and inspire a generation of young people to serve Christ and demonstrate His love, releases its highly anticipated By Your Blood EP today with distribution through Central South Distribution, Inc. and Joyce Meyer Ministries. Produced by GRAMMY Award-winning Tedd T (Newsboys, Mutemath, Rebecca St. James), the band’s third recording emphasizes a life centered around worship, passion for the work of the cross and all that Christ has done.

Labelling a band as a Christian band

I grew up on popular music– I did not grow up on Christian music. It wasn’t until college, when my InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff worker, Dale Young, put a pile of Christian music CDs on a table and told us to take whatever we wanted that I first really, truly heard “Christian music.” Sure, I heard and sang songs in church before that, and I did know a band named the Newsboys and a country girl named Amy Grant existed, but “Rebecca St. James,” with her declarative “Here I Am” CD, was something new for me!

Fast forward to 2012, and Christian music is past its peak– somewhere in the mid-1990s, Christian music was all the rage within Christian churchgoing circles, but then the world changed– Obama got elected, everyone got free downloads of songs instead of buying “old-fashioned” CDs, and CCM magazine went from print to digital only…and right now, people are STILL having the conversation in their youth groups and around their dinner tables: “Is that band Christian?” Or a variation: “I ONLY listen to CHRISTIAN music.” Well, Blimey Cow has made a GREAT video about this whole subject, and you’re welcome to leave a comment after watching it:

Greg Sczebel on tour across Canada

Today is one of’s favorite artists’ birthdays: Greg Sczebel. In honor of that, we thought we’d share about his Canadian tour– Greg wrote to tell us, “Well, the bus is loaded and already on its way to Halifax for the first show of what is definitely going to be an amazing tour. The last time we did a cross-Canada tour with a full band was for the release of “Here to Stay”. We’ve done a few West Coast and East Coast tours since then, but I’m especially excited to tour the whole country again in one fell swoop. Also on the bill will be Newsboys, Thousand Foot Krutch, Manafest and a few other great Canadian and American acts. You don’t want to miss it! We’ve got a killer show lined up for you, as well as some really sweet new merchandise that you can only get at the shows, so come on out and be sure to stop by my table after the show and say hi! For ticket information go to:”