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Newsboys We Believe Tour

Newsboys tour
Newsboys tour

Four-time GRAMMY® nominees and current chart-toppers Newsboys will soon be on their We Believe Tour, joined by special guests Family Force 5 and 7eventh Time Down. This extensive tour will hit 35 markets, kicking off Sept. 18, in Germantown, Tenn., and wrapping up Nov. 16, in Youngstown, Ohio.

Known for their electrifying live shows, Newsboys are continuing to tour in support of their album RESTART, and will hit the road with all the excitement and energy that makes them one of Christian music’s most successful touring acts. The tour is named for the Newsboys track “We Believe,” a No. 1 song on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart. This success followed the band’s appearance in the spring’s hit motion picture GOD’S NOT DEAD, which showcased the Newsboys performing their hit song “God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion).” The film’s success catapulted the song (which also appeared on both the Newsboys’ God’s Not Dead album and God’s Not Dead – The Motion Picture Soundtrack) to RIAA Gold status, with more than 219,000 tracks sold this year alone (nearly 635,000 to date).

Newsboys do well with We Believe

Newsboys in 2014
Newsboys in 2014

Four-time GRAMMY®-nominated band Newsboys celebrated a career defining moment this week, picking up 64 adds at Christian radio for their single “We Believe” off of Restart. This is the biggest add week ever in the band’s history, who already boast an impressive track record with 16 albums, five RIAA Gold certifications, 30 No. 1 radio hits and over 8 million units sold over their multi-decade career, including nearly 1 million records since Michael Tait joined the band. This strong radio exposure also led to a major spike in digital track sales for the single, which is featured on the Restart album, the band’s third studio album with Tait as lead.

“We are beyond excited to see radio’s enthusiasm with our new single,” remarked Tait. “This song is a testament and a definite creed for what we as Christians believe; Our hope and eternal salvation! There is nothing more igniting than to watch from our stage nightly, as listeners hold fast to these beliefs along with their families and friends!”

As the Newsboys wind down the final dates of their headlining slot on the internationally top-ranked Winter Jam 2014 Tour spectacular, the band is now gearing up for their headlining “We Believe Tour,” which will hit select cities this April and May. Keeping to tradition for the tour heavy veterans, the Newsboys will hit several music festivals and international dates over the summer. For more information and tickets, visit http://newsboys.com/tour/.

Christian music band MercyMe debuts new Shake video

Christian music band MercyMe does not rest on its laurels. The band doesn’t fade away into obscurity. Instead, they seem re-energized on their latest song, “Shake,” which will remind you of Billy Joel, Huey Lewis & The News, Denver and the Mile High Orchestra and SmashMouth. Filmed on the streets of Huntsville, Alabama, and featuring dancers from the North Alabama Dance Center, this 1950s retro video stands out for “Christian music.” My guess is a lot of people will be dancing (or shaking) to this song in and out of churches nationwide in the months and years to come. Like Newsboys have their signature dance song, “Shine,” MercyMe now has their signature Christian music dance song, “Shake.” –Mark Weber


Fuzed Worship releases By Your Blood

Fuzed Worship, a progressive worship band formed out of Joyce Meyer Ministries to unite and inspire a generation of young people to serve Christ and demonstrate His love, releases its highly anticipated By Your Blood EP today with distribution through Central South Distribution, Inc. and Joyce Meyer Ministries. Produced by GRAMMY Award-winning Tedd T (Newsboys, Mutemath, Rebecca St. James), the band’s third recording emphasizes a life centered around worship, passion for the work of the cross and all that Christ has done.

Newsboys return with Restart

Four-time GRAMMY®-nominated band Newsboys plans to “take the music further” than ever before with their new album, Restart, set to hit stores on September 10. Boasting a discography of 16 records and over eight million albums sold, Restart will be the third studio album with Michael Tait at the helm and combines the pop, worship and rock that fans embraced from the first two albums, Born Again and God’s Not Dead. In the nearly four years since Tait joined the band, over 650,000 records have been sold, while five singles have attained No. 1 status on the radio charts.

Musically, the Newsboys are driven to recast themselves with the pop-spirited new album and have already proven to be successful as their first single “Live With Abandon” reached No. 20 on the National Christian Audience chart this week. The single has also broken into the Top 10 at Christian Hot AC at No. 6.

“At the start of this record two years ago, we knew we’d be taking great risks, but people will be excited about this album because we’ve pushed the music and taken it further than we’ve ever taken it before,” says front man Michael Tait. “I have not felt this way about anything I’ve been involved in musically since Jesus Freak.”

Fans of the Newsboys can look forward to their dynamic live performance as the band gears up for another extensive touring schedule this fall. For the most updated tour schedule and information, visit http://www.Newsboys.com.

Guess who is the new singer of Christian rock group Audio Adrenaline?

English: Michael Tait, lead vocalist of the Ne...
English: Michael Tait, lead vocalist of the Newsboys, performing a concert in March 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few years ago Peter Furler left his enormously popular band, Newsboys, and let former dc Talk member Michael Tait take over on lead vocals for the band. Since then, they’ve toured, done a CD, and done okay. I don’t know if Newsboys without Peter can ever be as great as they once were, but they’re “still holdin’ on,” and people seem to accept the new version of that old band.

Now if you’ve been a fan of Christian music for any time, you remember a popular group called Audio Adrenaline. They disbanded in 2007 after former lead singer Mark Stuart experienced serious vocal issues. Well wouldn’t you know, ex-dc Talk member Kevin Max is going to be the new lead singer of Audio Adrenaline! In Christian music news, this is “big!” Kevin has been doing excellent solo recordings for more than a decade now, so it will be interesting to hear how he gels with a new band that’s ready to jump back on the Christian music festival circuit.

The “new” Audio Adrenaline will feature Kevin Max as lead singer, Dave Ghazarian of Superchick on guitar, Jason Byers from Bleach on drums, and Jason Walker of Know Hope Collective on keys and vocals. From the “old” group, Will McGinniss will still play bass for the band.

If all goes as planned, a new Audio Adrenaline release will be out in 2013– and the question is: Do you care? Will you “buy” the new version of the group’s music? Do you want to see them in concert? Leave comments. —Mark Weber

Christian music’s formers Newsboys Peter Furler and Phil Joel together again

A couple years ago the Christian music world was shocked when Peter Furler, the lead singer for the perenially popular Newsboys, left the group! People wondered what would happen next. The Newsboys soldiered on with former dc Talker Michael Tait at the helm, and it seemed like Peter Furler laid low for a while. But he didn’t retire or stop talking/singing about Christ. Nope! He’s back at making music, touring like a madman all over the place, and nowadays his band is made up of Jeff Irizarry, Dave Ghazarian, and fellow former Newsboy Phil Joel (pictured above, with Peter in the black-sleeved shirt). Furler’s solo disc is called “On Fire.” If you own it, leave a comment on what you think of it. —Mark Weber

Labelling a band as a Christian band

I grew up on popular music– I did not grow up on Christian music. It wasn’t until college, when my InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff worker, Dale Young, put a pile of Christian music CDs on a table and told us to take whatever we wanted that I first really, truly heard “Christian music.” Sure, I heard and sang songs in church before that, and I did know a band named the Newsboys and a country girl named Amy Grant existed, but “Rebecca St. James,” with her declarative “Here I Am” CD, was something new for me!

Fast forward to 2012, and Christian music is past its peak– somewhere in the mid-1990s, Christian music was all the rage within Christian churchgoing circles, but then the world changed– Obama got elected, everyone got free downloads of songs instead of buying “old-fashioned” CDs, and CCM magazine went from print to digital only…and right now, people are STILL having the conversation in their youth groups and around their dinner tables: “Is that band Christian?” Or a variation: “I ONLY listen to CHRISTIAN music.” Well, Blimey Cow has made a GREAT video about this whole subject, and you’re welcome to leave a comment after watching it:

Greg Sczebel on tour across Canada

Today is one of ChristianMusicDaily.com’s favorite artists’ birthdays: Greg Sczebel. In honor of that, we thought we’d share about his Canadian tour– Greg wrote to tell us, “Well, the bus is loaded and already on its way to Halifax for the first show of what is definitely going to be an amazing tour. The last time we did a cross-Canada tour with a full band was for the release of “Here to Stay”. We’ve done a few West Coast and East Coast tours since then, but I’m especially excited to tour the whole country again in one fell swoop. Also on the bill will be Newsboys, Thousand Foot Krutch, Manafest and a few other great Canadian and American acts. You don’t want to miss it! We’ve got a killer show lined up for you, as well as some really sweet new merchandise that you can only get at the shows, so come on out and be sure to stop by my table after the show and say hi! For ticket information go to: www.MapleNoise.ca.”

Because Christian music makers need help making it, especially in this economy…

Music industry veterans Michael Tait, Wes Campbell and Bernard Porter have formed Contemporary Christian Music Development Institute (CCMDi), an innovative program dedicated to assisting Christian music artists in achieving success in their careers.

“It is no secret that the music industry is a highly competitive market laced with tremendous highs and cavernous lows. The only guarantee that can be made is that it will take hard work and unwavering passion to obtain success in this industry,” says Tait, a multi-Grammy winner and lead singer for Newsboys. “However, with the establishment of CCMDi, today’s Christian artist will now have a tremendous advantage.”

CCMDi’s mission is to customize comprehensive plans and a competitive marketing strategy for creative and personal growth in both seasoned performers and beginning artists alike. The program is based on an education curriculum that includes A&R, performance coaching, personal style and media training, as well as a writing mentorship program.

CCMDi was created to provide experienced guidance to today’s Christian artists with the goal of helping them become the best they can be at their craft while avoiding common pitfalls, both personally and professionally.

Tait, Campbell and Porter, collectively, have succeeded in every facet of the music industry, including entertainer, manager, producer, A&R executive and booking agent. Musicians who aspire to a career in the Christian music field are encouraged to schedule a consultation to determine if they qualify for CCMDi by contacting the office at 615-815-1414 or via the website at ccmdi.com.

About Michael Tait:
Tait, lead vocalist for the group Newsboys, and former singer with Tait and dc Talk, has won multiple Grammy and Dove Awards. Tait is currently touring with Newsboys’ 2011 Born Again tour, which continues selling out venues all across the world.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to give back to the music community,” says Tait. “My hope is that by lending the knowledge I have gained along the way to develop new talent, I will become a light in the darkness, a guide through the wilderness.”

About Wes Campbell:
Campbell, who discovered Newsboys in Australia in the mid-1980s, is credited with securing Newsboys’ first U.S. record deal and subsequent move to America, where he has served as their manager for more than two decades. With his guidance, Newsboys has remained one of the genre’s most successful bands, achieving record sales in excess of 8 million and garnering 31 No. 1 radio singles.

Campbell also has managed Mat Kearney and served as executive producer on a number of musical projects, including music by Kearney, Superchic[k], and Tree63. Throughout his career, Campbell has launched and managed several successful businesses, including First Company Management, InPop Records and Creative Audio and Light. He owns or co-manages three of the largest contemporary Christian festivals in America, including Creation Festival East and West and the Sonshine Festival. He developed and launched the concept of an inflatable 3,500-seat dome that has been used as an “instant theater,” as well as an innovative traveling portable music festival venue that was featured on Festival con Dios, The Jessica Simpson Dreamchaser Tour and Marty Stuart’s Electric Barnyard Tour. Campbell also designs the ever-evolving and mechanically-complex stage sets that draw sold-out crowds to Newsboys tours.

“We are very proud to offer the CCMDi program to the many deserving Christian artists who otherwise may never have the opportunity to be heard,” says Campbell.

About Bernard Porter:
A successful business entrepreneur, Porter has spent his career developing and securing high profile joint ventures within both corporate and private sectors, guiding them in all phases of creative media, production, marketing and national product launches. In addition, he has served as an entertainment consultant to many record labels, major artists and large corporations, as well as to specialty venues, including the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Simon Mall properties, Dave & Busters and Marriott Hotels.

An active philanthropist, Porter serves on the board and advisory committees of numerous nonprofit organizations and educational programs, including One 5 Foundation and SAE Institute. Recognized as a masterful “dot connector,” he successfully has united the appropriate figures in his efforts to produce and consult many highly-profitable fundraising events, including Country Steps In for First Steps and the Big Wish Gala for Make A Wish Foundation.

Porter is the founder and president of PCG Nashville, one of the nation’s top artist development companies and one of few formally approved by the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).

“Christian music is a major part of our heritage and this program will give us the chance to help these artists continue that tradition,” says Porter of CCMDi. “We are confident that with our collective knowledge of both music and the music business, in addition to our experience and industry contacts, we will provide our clients the tools they need to excel.”

For more information on CCMDi, visit ccmdi.com.

Pictured above (L to R): Longtime friends and CCMDi principals Porter, Campbell and Tait enjoy a Tennessee Titans game in Nashville, Tenn.

Here’s what Newsboys’ Peter Furler is up to now

With multiple GRAMMY nominations and Dove awards, “Songwriter of the Year” nods and musical talent that has driven the sales of five RIAA Certified Gold records, over seven million albums sold and 25 No. 1 songs, Peter Furler returns to music after ending his long tenure in 2009 as the lead singer of newsboys, the band he founded in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.  Refreshed and reawakened to the joy of music, Furler steps out with his first solo album, ON FIRE, releasing June 21 on Sparrow Records.

After amicably leading newsboys through its transition to the current lineup, Furler stepped away from non-stop touring, sold much of what he owned – cars, home, his shares in Inpop Records, a label he’d co-founded in 1999 that launched the careers of such notables as Newworldson, Mat Kearney and Shane & Shane, among others, etc. – moved to the Gulf of Florida and took time to reflect, express himself through visual art, surf and play music just for pure enjoyment.

“I didn’t have a clue what I was doing next,” Furler reflects. “I’d been doing 100-plus shows a year, writing, then finishing a record for more than a decade. It was good, but it was a merry-go-round that was never going to stop.

“Artistically and creatively, I began to see that God didn’t make the horse to win at the races, but for his pleasure – to watch it run,” continues Furler.  “I had a definite yearning to get back to nature, to express myself creatively, to do something just for the joy of it.”

Although initially not planning to release any of the new music created during this time, the result of this redefining period led to the most joyful and uplifting music of Furler’s career.

“The songs never really stopped. They kept coming,” Furler says. “I’d take a long walk, and a song would come into my head… There is a fire shut up in my bones that I have not been able to hold in since I was a child. For me, I find its release through melody and testimony.”

Furler’s music has always been about making a difference and leaving the listener encouraged, and with these new songs comes a sense of confidence like he has never experience before as a singer.  Music fans are already catching a glimpse of the rejuvenated Furler as his first radio single from ON FIRE, “Reach,” is already a Billboard hit single that continues to rapidly gather national airplay as it goes for sale on iTunes.

“We all need to be reminded that God is personal,” Furler says as “Reach” struck a very personal chord with him. “The One who created the heaven, the One who is everywhere and all knowing yearns deeply for us… He cares for us individually, where we are.”

Writing, producing, recording and singing such international classics as “He Reigns,” “Shine,” “Something Beautiful” and “It is You,” Furler is one of Australia’s biggest exports of any musical genre. With a raw honesty and ability to turn a rock show into a deep worship experience, Furler is a favorite on the touring circuit.  He has collectively performed to over 15,000 Muslims in Morocco, for the Pope during World Youth Day, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, at a  9/11 service for U.S. military leaders at the Pentagon, at a New Age festival on the shores of Galilee in Israel, and rocked the punters at an outback pub in Australia.

As one of the most successful, award-winning artists today continues his musical journey, more information on the new album and upcoming tour plans will be revealed soon.

Newsboys helping single moms and their kids

Newsboys supports Global Tribe’s efforts to help those in poverty. You can too; here’s how:

10 people giving $1 a day will stabilize a single mother and her children, and also provide education to earn a sustainable income.  You will receive a photo of that single mom and her children and can write them.


$35,000 will build the Innovation Center AND provide the materials and equipment for education, a small medical clinic, and church.

Every dollar you invest in the legacy fund provides micro-loans to single mothers so they can get a sewing machine, farm tools, irrigation, seeds, or that fishing rod and reel to feed their family. Repaid loans return to the Legacy fund to continue enterprise development. 95% repay.

Our challenge to you is this,  join us in this fight to rescue single mothers – and by so doing – rescue their children.  Will you consider

Give $1 a day, or perhaps, increase the level where you are giving today?  Get 10 of your friends to join with you and ADOPT A SINGLE MOTHER AND HER CHILDREN. 

You can help through joining with us in building the INNOVATION CENTERS.  Both by taking a group to help build it, and to help raise the $35,000 needed, you are changing lives forever.

You may want to be part of the LEGACY FUND, investing in the future for these poor, struggling single mothers – all too often forgotten.   This will help with the micro-loans and in developing new locations in other countries.

Visit www.globaltribe.com to make a difference today.

Yancy is a breath of fresh air in Christian music

Combining praise and worship with her unique pop/rock sensibilities, Yancy returns with her latest album Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams, available everywhere on November 2nd.

With a decade under her belt, and countless credits to her name, Yancy has proven herself to be one of Christian music’s most versatile performers. As a recording artist, Yancy has released radio friendly pop/rock albums, a rocking Christmas collection and multiple projects for kids and young adults, all while sharing the stage with such artists as Mute Math, Newsboys, 4Him and Nichole Nordeman. As a writer, Yancy has teamed up with Third Day’s Mac Powell, wrote Avalon’s #1 hit “I Don’t Want To Go” and Jaci Velasquez’s “Something Beautiful,” and still found the time to compose two devotional books for worship leaders and musicians and a devotional book for pre-teens.

Widely recognized as a top worship leader at numerous conferences and conventions, Yancy also helped launch the nationwide Kings & Princesses events with her dad (and veteran children’s pastor) Jim Wideman. These unique events are created for Dad’s and their elementary age daughters, creating a fairy tale night that will strengthen father and daughter relationships.

“I started off doing more traditional CCM-type of music performing at a lot of youth groups, festivals and ministry events, but then I got involved in leading worship in a local church setting,” explains Yancy. “I’ve often joked I’ve led worship with every age from birth to death, but through that, I gained ton of experience and knowledge.”

At the end of the day, Yancy hopes that her music will encourage people and help them understand that they’re here for a purpose. “We all have different talents and abilities that God wants to use,” says Yancy. “And I make it a point to remind people to go after their dreams with all they’ve got.”

Yancy maintains a full-time tour schedule including conferences and conventions throughout the USA, and this fall, she will return to Christ In Youth’s successful preteen event SuperStart! as the featured artist for the 2010-2011 national tour.

The first radio single from Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams, “Don’t Stop,” is currently being worked to AC and CHR formats by Jason Miller at Lion Chaser Entertainment.

For more information on Yancy or to find out when she’ll be in a city near you, visit the official website at yancynotnancy.com.